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April 2018 Webinar: Gender & Team Science: Toward Improving Effectiveness of Research Collaboration

Dr. Holly Falk-Krzesinski will present on the topic of Gender and Team Science, drawing on a growing array of empirical research and literature review work that she and others have contributed to the Science of Team Science on gender issues in team science. She will review the available literature with a focus on evidence-based policy implications, highlighting how research institutions can improve their understanding of how gender issues can affect science outcomes and how they might improve their practices and institutional support. Dr. Falk-Krzesinski is Vice President of Global Academic Relations at Elsevier, Adjunct Senior Instructor in the School of Professional Studies at Northwestern University, and founder of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP). 

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March 2018 Webinar: The R3 Graduate Science Initiative at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Gundula Bosch PhD, Program Director and Assistant Scientist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will introduce and describe the R3 (Rigor, Reproducibility, Responsibility) Graduate Science Initiative that she has been involved in developing. The mission of the R3 program is to provide graduate students with critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, and to enhance students' capacities to communicate, view science in a broader context and through the lens of social responsibility. We will learn about the origins, motivations, challenges and progress in launching this unique educational model. Webinar begins at 11am EST - Zoom link to follow via listserv. 

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November 2017 Webinar: Motivating Investment in Interdisciplinary Infrastructure: What Can One Person Do?

Michael O’Rourke will share his thoughts on how to gather resources, data, and good arguments for investing in interdisciplinary research, in its infrastructure, and in hiring and training capable staff. Trained as a disciplinary philosopher, he has been interested in interdisciplinary pursuits since graduate school. Although he is a faculty member in a philosophy department, he has developed a number of interdisciplinary projects over the course of his career — a long running conference and associated book series, a well-established colloquium series, and an influential research and outreach project that focuses on communication and collaboration in cross-disciplinary research. He will reflect on these efforts, sharing details about successful and unsuccessful strategies for building interdisciplinary capacity in an academic institution. This presentation will arm each webinar participant with information to effectively "make the case" within their own institution for recognition, support, and validation of their career path as one who facilitates interdisciplinary research.


Michael O’Rourke is Interim Director of the MSU Center for Interdisciplinarity, Professor of Philosophy, and faculty in AgBioResearch and Environmental Science & Policy at Michigan State University. His research interests include epistemology, philosophy of environmental science, communication and epistemic integration in collaborative, cross-disciplinary research, and linguistic communication between intelligent agents. He is Director of the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative, a US NSF-sponsored research initiative that investigates philosophical approaches to facilitating interdisciplinary research (http://tdi.msu.edu/). He has published extensively on the topics of communication, interdisciplinary theory and practice, and robotic agent design in journals such as The Journal of PhilosophySyntheseBioScienceClinical and Translational Science, and The Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. He has been a principal investigator, co-principal investigator, or collaborator on funded projects involving environmental science education, the facilitation of cross-disciplinary communication, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, resilience in environmental systems, and autonomous underwater vehicles.     

Register (for free!) at the link below:


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October 2017 Webinar: Team Science Education and Training with Dr. Sawsan Khuri.

Please join us Thursday, October 26th at 12noon EDT (9am PDT, 5pm GST) for:

Team Science Education and Training

Presented by: Sawsan Khuri, PhD

Sawsan Khuri (@sawsankhuri) is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School, Exeter, UK. She is a member of the genomics faculty team, and she continues to develop materials and work on strategies for education in computational science and in team science. Dr. Khuri is also a freelance consultant in team training and innovation workshops.


This webinar will focus on how different institutions provide team science training to their research communities, and compare the approach taken in the US and the UK. The presentation will include a summary of the types of curricular and methodological resources available for those wishing to establish team science training at their own institutions.

It is clear that a website that houses everything in one user-friendly place is needed, and that this community needs a forum for discussion and open exchange of experiences. The Team Science Toolkit and the Team Science Educators Group on LinkedIn could be used to help with this, and the discussion will engage participants in how we might proceed to fulfill these needs.

As a start, we invite you to add your comments to The Team Science Glossary, in order to together co-produce an improved second edition. Many of the terms defined in this glossary are used in more than one way by different research communities. We expect to be providing multiple definitions for these terms, so please add your say.


We ask that you please REGISTER for this event. As with our previous webinar, we would like to contact those who are online to ask for feedback.  All you’ll be asked to supply is name and email.


Invite anyone who would be interested to join us on the 26th.



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September 2017 Webinar: Intereach Overview, Welcome to New Members, & Discussion of Group Goals.

It’s time to start the 2017-2018 Intereach Webinar series! Our series will begin with a presentation followed by a facilitated discussion:

Christine Ogilvie Hendren, PhD, will present a brief overview of how Intereach came to be and the communities that have become a part of it;she’ll also share results of the June 2017 workshop held at the Science of Team Science meeting. Christine is the Executive Director of the Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT), Duke University.

Professor Gabriele Bammer, PhD, will facilitate a discussion among the webinar participants. Gabriele is Professor, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Research School of Population Health, ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, The Australian National University.

With the facilitated discussion, we hope to get new ideas about goals the group would like to undertake for the coming year!  Please join us!

LOGISTICS: Please register for this session.  It will be helpful to us since we’d like to contact those who are online to provide feedback.  All you’ll be asked to provide is name and email.



Intereach Webinar

https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/712704621?pwd=6MUR7TTdcNwexNsUf1kiuA (map)

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July 2017 Webinar: AAAS Community Engagement Fellows Program (CEFP)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1:00 - 2:30 Eastern Time

This webinar will feature a description of the new AAAS Community Engagement Fellows Program (CEFP) to support community engagement professionals in science (https://www.aaas.org/cefp/about). As Program Director, Lou Woodley will give an overview of the why and how of the program, currently in its pilot year with a class of 19 Fellows.  As one of the Fellows, Jennifer Davison will share what is involved in participation and the benefits she has experienced thus far. Jen and Lou are also both on one of the program's project teams that’s exploring the roles and job descriptions of scientific community managers.  They will provide a brief review of this project as well. 

To receive updates and connection information, check back closer to the date of the webinar and/or visit the "Join Us" page to subscribe to the listserv.

UPDATE: Connection information provided below

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Intereach Workshop @ 2017 Science of Team Science Conference

  • Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

1/2 Day Workshop: Self-Identifying the Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositional Attributes that Define the Intereach Community

Lead Facilitator:  Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Duke University

Co-Facilitators:  Gabriele Bammer, Australian National University; Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Elsevier

Description:  This workshop addresses a new but growing SciTS-generated community of practice and research: Intereach (Interdisciplinary Integration Research Careers Hub). The Intereach community has evolved around a broadly shared need for new types of roles to be defined, recognized, institutionally supported and trained in order to optimize the success of interdisciplinary scientific endeavors. We will cover the new forms of expertise needed to address complex problems and effectively engage diverse knowledge bases and work at the interfaces between disciplines to help facilitate, optimize, and translate, research outcomes.

Registration for this workshop and the meeting as a whole is still open!

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2:00 PM14:00

April 2017 Webinar with Professor Gabriele Bammer

Join our next Intereach webinar:

Valuing our knowledge and skills: why we should consider a new discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences. Gabriele Bammer will present what the discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) covers, how it operates and existing resources. This presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

Professor Gabriele Bammer
National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health
Research School of Population Health
ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
The Australian National University

 Login information:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/606838813?pwd=gw81tOPynnc%3D

Password: April

Or via iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +16465588656,606838813# or +14086380968,606838813#

Or via Telephone:


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