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October 2017 Webinar: Team Science Education and Training with Dr. Sawsan Khuri.

Please join us Thursday, October 26th at 12noon EDT (9am PDT, 5pm GST) for:

Team Science Education and Training

Presented by: Sawsan Khuri, PhD

Sawsan Khuri (@sawsankhuri) is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School, Exeter, UK. She is a member of the genomics faculty team, and she continues to develop materials and work on strategies for education in computational science and in team science. Dr. Khuri is also a freelance consultant in team training and innovation workshops.


This webinar will focus on how different institutions provide team science training to their research communities, and compare the approach taken in the US and the UK. The presentation will include a summary of the types of curricular and methodological resources available for those wishing to establish team science training at their own institutions.

It is clear that a website that houses everything in one user-friendly place is needed, and that this community needs a forum for discussion and open exchange of experiences. The Team Science Toolkit and the Team Science Educators Group on LinkedIn could be used to help with this, and the discussion will engage participants in how we might proceed to fulfill these needs.

As a start, we invite you to add your comments to The Team Science Glossary, in order to together co-produce an improved second edition. Many of the terms defined in this glossary are used in more than one way by different research communities. We expect to be providing multiple definitions for these terms, so please add your say.


We ask that you please REGISTER for this event. As with our previous webinar, we would like to contact those who are online to ask for feedback.  All you’ll be asked to supply is name and email.


Invite anyone who would be interested to join us on the 26th.