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September 2018 Webinar: Co-Navigator: Hands-On Interdisciplinary Problem Solving

The CoNavigator tool has been designed as a hands-on interdisciplinary collaboration tool, enabling participants to collaborate on a 3-dimensional visualization of a theme. Currently it is being used by groups mainly as a singular event, helping them map out and navigate through complex themes or problems, and to better understand the contextual nature of interdisciplinary collaboration. The next step for CoNavigator’s development, though, lies in using the tool as an ongoing resource over the entire course of a problem-solving trajectory.

CoNavigator’s developers David Earle, Katrine Lindvig and Line Hillersdal will first present the tool, how it is being used, and how groups and organizations might use it in the future as part of an ongoing process over time. They will then welcome input in how best to succeed in this aim, in terms of research, design and development


Katrine Lindvig PhD is an educational ethnographer at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She specializes in interdisciplinary education, especially the linkages between interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary teaching practices.

Line Hillersdal PhD is a social anthropologist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She specializes in interdisciplinary research collaboration and is particularly involved in how research objects are configured in collaborative practices.

David Earle is a concept developer and partner at Braintrust, an academic think tank based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He develops visual and tactile tools and methods to help students learn to navigate through their academic knowledge, and to work more effectively in multi- and interdisciplinary teams.