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The Project Manager’s Role in Interdisciplinary Research

Description: Reilly Henson is an early career professional in the field of environmental communications. She currently works as a project manager at Virginia Tech, where she manages a 20-person interdisciplinary research project funded by the National Science Foundation. She saw an opportunity in this career path to leverage her background in academic research to improve communication at the intersection of disparate disciplines to tackle critical environmental issues. In this webinar, she uses her own career experience as a case study to shed light on the unique (and at times ambiguous) space that exists for project managers in interdisciplinary research. She also shares some of the project management lessons she has learned from her current project, and asks us to consider more broadly what the role of a project manager in research is–and what we should aspire for it to be.

Presenter: Reilly Henson, Project Manager, Dept. of Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech