October 23rd, 2018: Intereach Community: Sharing Research Resources and Approaches

Click here to view the October 23rd webinar, a working session hosted and moderated by Intereach Webinar Co-Chairs Dr. Karen Demby and Dr. Kristine Glauber. This month’s discussion was held as an opportunity to hear from community members and foster deeper connections by sharing of success stories and establishing shared goals. Karen and Kristine held interactive discussions with those who called in, and welcomed input at any time sent to the listserv at intereach@duke.edu. Topics included:

  • What topics and/or guests would be of interest for Spring 2019 and beyond?  (Our other archived webinars may give you an idea of what we’ve already discussed).

  • What TEAM SCIENCE resources and tools from the TEAMS SCIENCE TOOLKIT (or other resources, e.g. TeamScience.net, Collaboration and Team Science: A field Guide) did people find most helpful, or want more of? Attendees (and archive watchers alike) are invited to share what has helped in overcoming challenges.