April 19, 2017: Dr. Gabriele Bammer Makes a Case for Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S)

Click here to view the April 19, 2017 webinar presented by Dr. Gabriele Bammer entitled "Valuing our knowledge and skills: why we should consider a new discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences.” She introduces the discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S), and describes its scope, how it operates in academic teams, and existing resources. Her presentation is followed by an open discussion.

March 23, 2017: Interactive Brainstorming Session for Intereach Community

View the March 23, 2017 Intereach Webinar session dedicated to "Brainstorming Next Steps". Christine Ogilvie Hendren kicks the session off with an overview of Intereach and intersecting communities, especially Integration and Implementation Sciences, Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research Development Professionals. Webinar members then join a discussion of Intereach purposes and goals.