The Intereach community brings together practitioners and researchers of interdisciplinary integration - people who connect across teams, disciplines, and sectors to solve problems requiring diverse expertise. We share best practices, success metrics, and ideas for establishing intereach career paths.


Our Mission

To improve society's ability to address complex, interlinked problems by establishing career paths for boundary-spanning roles that require integrative skills, domain space knowledge, and proven practices to support combining and leveraging excellence across multiple disciplines in service of a shared goal.

“ people.”
— every Intereach practitioner, typically unique in our organizations, upon realizing we really do have peers

What We've Achieved

  • Started in 2015 through the Science of Team Science meetings, this interest group turned community of practice has become a watering hole for people with whom this connective job type and skill set resonates.
  • Meet annually at the Science of Team Science meeting since 2014 for face to face workshops - next meeting June 2017.
  • Established the Intereach listserv - open communication and low barrier to entry, this allows us to access each other for advice, searching for job candidates, and publicizing relevant events and opportunities.
  • Established the Intereach Webinar series - open to all interested, this series showcases people in intereach roles, discusses challenges and best practices, and further identifies our networks.